4 Things You Should Know About Workplace Physical Injury

work place injury

For some people work equates to dangerous conditions. It might be due to the tools and equipment they use or the environment they work in. Such things can lead to workplace injuries especially if the employer/ colleagues are negligent or violent. At zlotolaw.com we fight for the people who have received physical injury and help them gain the maximum compensation possible. Like the encyclopedia of law that helps you find answers everyday legal queries, www.nolo.com/, we answer some of your questions related to on-the-job damages and injuries.

There can be a number of reasons for physical injury while working that can cause damage to back, neck or the complete spinal cord. Some of them are:
Work Equipment
Lifting Injuries
Negligent Coworker
Forklift Accidents
Unsafe Work Practices
Slip and Fall
Crime while at work
Violence at workplace
Exposure to hazardous substances like asbestos, silica dust or benzene can cause grave diseases. They can be used to file a compensation claim. Rashes gained due to cleaning materials or mesothelioma, a serious and extreme disease, can also be claimed under it.

Now that the reasons for acquiring an injury at work are clear one should know that the workers’ compensation law state that there should be insurance coverage for every injury that can take place at work. If the employer has reached a certain set size, ensuring to insure the employees is mandatory. Even government employees are covered by a federal workers’ compensation. Though the procedure of filing a claim may change slightly in every state, the basic involve:
The person injured, i.e., employee
The medical professionals, i.e., physicians and doctors
The insurance companies
The employer
The claim system absolves both parties by using a no-fault system. This means while the employee gets the benefits and compensation, the employer is reserved from lawsuits that might defame them. Since there is no need to prove fault the complete procedure is smoother when compared with other personal injury lawsuits.

The third thing you need to know about workers’ compensation is the benefits it includes. The law covers the medical costs and may benefit some part of the income that is lost while the victim is recuperating. Wage compensation may range from 50 to 70% of the salary that was given to the individual before the injury occurred. If there is a catastrophic injury which has lead to partial or complete disability then a settlement or a stipend will be included in the compensation. The law does not cover any benefits for pain or suffering.

What else can your claim benefit include is the fourth things an employee should know. If the injury you had occured while doing an activity that was sponsored by your employer, you can claim benefits. The same applies to any company owned asset that may have injured you. If you have a pre-existing condition and it is aggravated then a claim can be made. The workers’ compensation law does not cover any injury that may be gained from work while the employee was in an impaired state like a drunk.

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